Charmed Life Tattoo NCAA Bracket Challenge

      March Madness is here!

Most of us here at Charmed Life Tattoo are big basketball fans. While we were filling out our bracket, we though you guys would like to join in on the fun too. So this year we're introducing: 

The Charmed Life Tattoo NCAA Bracket Challenge

Winner gets a $100 gift certificate! 

The rules are simple: 

1. Entry:

  • Entry fee is $10. Purchase your ticket below, or place in person.


2. Brackets due on March 16 @ 12pm

  • Print an official bracket sheet HERE.
  • Complete your bracket and then send a picture of it to with your name & phone number OR bring it in person to the shop. 
  • Be sure to include a score prediction of the final game (in the event of a challenge tie). 


3. Scoring System:

Scores will be weighed in the following way: 

**In case of a bracket tie, final game score predictions will be taken into account.**

4. Winner

  • Winner will be announced April 4th! Good luck! 

Direct any questions to